Imagine your Inquisitor dying and their LI is crying out, “Don’t go where I can’t follow.


 I am angry. You know, I’m getting totally screwed over here. The deal was that if I won the Hunger Games, I get to live the rest of my life in peace. But now, you wanna kill me again. But you know what? Fuck that! And fuck everybody who had anything to do with it!- Johanna Mason. District 7

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Just another part of the freak show.

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season 4 - hugs

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favorite character meme | three emotions

For Helena, violence and anger are heavily linked — when feeling a strong surge of emotion, she’s likely to lash out at whatever is closest at hand, whether that’s a person or an object. If she has no target for her anger she’ll resort to raising the volume, letting out a roar that is — to be honest — quite terrifying.

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Katy to Kacey: I’ve always wanted to do Crossroads but it’s never been right until now. I thought this is a perfect fit. You brought some neon cactus and I was like okay I’ll bring some neon palm trees.

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Riley Neal’s (Meghan Orys) hair porn in 1x06

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